the mUTINy manifesto 

Our clients are our partners and not a billable line-item.  They are not a logo among others and not for keeping score.  So they are treated accordingly.  We believe there should be honesty when it comes to partner communication, even if it hurts.

Transparency is at our core and we project the "why" & "what" we are doing; our thinking, methodology and results. More importantly our mistakes and failures.

We will always be efficient, so you get solutions which are actionable and in-line with your goals - no fluff.  Flexibility is a must for us, which is why we don't play in a sandbox.  We can provide any solution you need.

Our most valuable belief is accountability.  We are a partner that has a vested interest in our clients' success.  We put our money where our mouth is and have created multiple compensation packages that align with results we drive.

When it comes to brands, we believe brands are no longer advertisers.  Brands need to become content creators and adapt to how people consume content and information.

Marketing communication and product messages cannot be a one size fits all.  We must balance being "on brand" well as "on audience" and "on culture".

Brands need to show up in expected moments and unexpected moments.  Where a consumer is on their journey should inform us on what to serve them, as content and context matters. Brands need to talk to consumers, not at consumers.

Innovation should not be a buzzword but something every brand should embrace.  Technology should have a purpose and provide value to the consumer, as well as the brand.